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iles of Independence, Missouri, the county seat of Jackson County. The militia detachment numbered eighty-four and the Guerrillas thirty-two. At sunset Quantrell struck their camp. Forewarned of his coming, they were already in line. One volley settled t

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hem. Five fell at the first fire and seven more were killed in t


he chase. The shelter of Independence alone, where the balance of the regiment was as a breakwater saved the detachment from utter extinction. On this day—the 10th of November, 1861—Cole Younger killed a militiaman seventy-o

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endence was essentially a city of fruits and flowers. About every house there was a parterre and contiguous to every parterre there was an orchard. Built where the woods and the prairies met, when it was most desirable there was sunlight,

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and when it was most needed there was shade. The war found it r

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ich, prosperous and contented, and it left it as an orange that had been devoured. Lane hated it because it was a hive of


secession, and Jennison preyed upon36 it because Guerrilla bees flew in and out. On one side the devil, on the other the d


eep sea. Patriotism, that it might not be tempted, ran the risk very often of being drowned. Something also of Spanish int


ercourse and connection belonged to it. Its square was a plaza; its streets centered there; its courthouse was a citadel.


Truer people never occupied a town; braver fathers never sent their sons to war; grander matrons never prayed to God for r

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ight, and purer women never waited through it all—the siege, the sack, the pillage and the battle—for the light to break

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in the East at last, the end to come in fate’s own good and appointed time. Fight at Independence QUANTRELL had gre

at admiration for Independence; his men adored it. Burris’ regi

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ment was still there—fortified in the courthouse—and one day in February, 1862, the Guerrillas charged the town. It was

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a desperate assault. Quantrell and Poole dashed down one street. Cole Younger and Todd down another, Gregg and Shepherd do

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wn a third, Haller, Coger, Burns, Walker and others down the balance of the approaches to the square. Behind heavy brick w

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alls the militia, of course, fought and fought, besides, at a great advantage. Save seven surprised in the first moments o

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f the rapid onset and shot down, none others were killed, and Quantrell was forced to retire from the town, taking some ne

n, and he lived within three m
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